CCTV Camera and DVR Surveillance

Merit India Seculabs proudly offers cost-effective high definition cameras and full fledged DVR-NVR surveillance system. Our cameras and surveillance systems are rich in features that are not limited to the following.

  • High Definition
  • Night Vision
  • Wide Area coverage
  • Motion detection
  • High quality metal body
  • Audio and Video Recording capability
  • Customized Programming display
  • Time and date schedule recording
  • Support Android Phones

Our DVR (Digital Video recorder) and NVR ( Network Video Recorder) includes 4 channel,8 channel,16 channel and 32 channel. It has various features such as :

  • High Definition Video Recording
  • Motion Detection
  • Cloud Computing
  • Customized programming display
  • Remote control and mouse access
  • Default Alert

Wireless Intelligent Electronic Security Alarm

It is very beneficial to install security alarms at your home or work place which keeps your property and infrastructure safe and secure.

Wireless Alarm Systems makes your life more easier as it requires less space and installation set up would be simple compared to conventional security alarms. Intelligent wireless alarm monitoring ensures uninterrupted security.

Wireless Counter Caller

Merit India offers best quality wireless counter caller for commercial purposes. It helps Restaurants, Hospitals, Coffee shops, Salons, Spa. Etc. to manage crowd and ensure timely service.

It consists of a table buzzer for the guest and a signal receiver for the host. Guests or customers press the button or buzzer and the host receives the signal in their receiver by means of vibration or display or sound.

Key less Entry/Exit

Merit India provides you Key less Entry/Exit to your home or work space with just a password or personal code. It avoids losing or misplacing keys and not required to hide the keys any more. It also helps you to never lockout yourself with key inside your home or office.

Installation is very easy and the system ensures high security as you have the control over who should access your space.

Video Intercom

Video Intercom ensures additional safety and security to your residential and commercial premises. Merit India offers high quality video intercom to supervise the visitors entering or exiting the building. Intercom enables communication between you and visitors waiting outside your building which helps you recognize and decide whether to allow them inside your home or work space.

Bio metric Access Control

Bio metric Access systems are commonly used for commercial purposes. Various bio metric solutions are available now a days to protect your assets. This system ensures that only authorized personnel have access and restricts unauthorized entries. Merit India provides easy installation of bio metric security system at affordable price.

Telecom Solution and AMC Packages

Best telecom solutions and AMC packages available for corporate and domestic purposes. 24x7 support and onsite service is made available to all our clients. Our best in class security solutions ensures high performance and complete protection against thefts,burglary or any unfavourable incidents.

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